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Why e-reputation is Essential for Banking Service

First online impression

Before choosing a banking agency or applying for credit, your future clients are searching for you online. What they find shapes their first impression.

Reviews = Modern references

In the past, word-of-mouth was paramount. Today, an online review holds the same weight as a personal recommendation, influencing the decision to choose your banking agency for opening a current account or applying for a mortgage.

One negative review can be costly

Even if you offer excellent banking services, a single negative review can divert many potential customers, affecting your banking services and trust in your banking advisor.

Instant trust boost

Positive reviews immediately reassure your customers. They show that you are a trustworthy and competent banking agency, ready to handle their wealth management and investments.

Engagement = Loyalty

Responding to reviews, whether good or bad, shows that you care about your customers. This strengthens loyalty and satisfaction towards your banking services and operations.

Insights into areas of improvement

Reviews can also help you understand what customers like or what could be improved in your customer service or banking application.

Strengthened credibility

A large number of reviews shows that you have a strong and satisfied clientele, reinforcing new customers’ trust in your banking services and advisors.

Top Position on Google

Google loves popularity. The more reviews you have, the higher your banking agency climbs in search results, increasing the visibility of your banking services and credit offers.

Enhanced visibility on Google Maps

With numerous reviews, your banking agency stands out on Google Maps, attracting more local customers seeking personal loans, life insurance, or savings accounts.

The Numbers Don't Lie, and They Love MediTrust!

99% Satisfaction

Unquestionable proof of our platform's effectiveness—99% of reviews collected by MediTrust are positive.

18 to 33% Response Rate

Our questionnaires don't go unnoticed. With a response rate of up to 33%, we capture your customers' opinions meaningfully.

100% Improvement on Google

Every single one of our clients sees an improvement in their Google rating after just one month of using our service.

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Collecting Reviews

  • 🎯 Customized Surveys: Create questionnaires that reflect your brand’s identity and target your customers’ specific needs.
  • 📈 Score-Based Actions: Based on the responses, choose the action that will yield the best outcome..

Examples :

  • 🌟 Satisfied Clients: Direct your most satisfied customers to renowned platforms such as Google, and Facebook to share their exceptional experience and collect glowing reviews.
  • 😕 Understand Unsatisfied Customers: A customer is not fully satisfied? Transform this situation into an opportunity by using a dedicated questionnaire to deeply understand the reasons for their dissatisfaction, thus improving your offerings.
  • 😐 Thank Yous for Neutral Reviews: Redirect customers who have left a neutral review to a personalized thank-you page, highlighting the importance of their feedback for your dining establishment.

Analyzing Reviews

  • 📈 We Keep an Eye on the Metrics: Track trends and know exactly where you excel and where you can do even better.
  • 🛠️ Fine-Tuning the Details: Spot the little things that can make a big difference in your service.
  • 🚨  Stay in the Loop: New review? You’ll be the first to know with our real-time alerts.
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Responding to Reviews​

  • 🤝 Collaborative Review Management: Whether you want to handle responses yourself or let us take care of it, we’re here to help you establish the best response strategy.
  • 📝 Personalized Responses: For each review received, MediTrust offers you tailored response suggestions.
  • ⚖️ Handling Illicit Reviews: We assist you in identifying and removing fake reviews to maintain your online reputation’s integrity.

Share Your Best Reviews on Social Media

  • 🚀 Make Some Noise: Got a glowing review about your signature dish? One click, and voila, a stylish post or story is ready to be shared, highlighting your customers’ satisfaction.
  • 📸 One Click, and Presto:No need to be a graphic design whiz. We create attractive visuals that showcase your best reviews, ready to be posted on your social media. Make your restaurant shine and attract even more food enthusiasts!
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How MediTrust Revolutionized Review Management

“Before using MediTrust, our banking agency was overwhelmed by a few negative reviews left by unhappy customers. This was seriously affecting our online image and discouraging new clients. After integrating MediTrust, we were able to respond quickly and effectively to these reviews, showing our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our online reputation has significantly improved, and we now see a steady influx of new customers.

Jean, Banking Agency Director

We had trouble getting noticed online among all other banking agencies. With MediTrust, we not only collected more positive reviews, but we also saw our agency climb in Google search results. This greatly increased our visibility and attracted more customers to our banking services.

Marie, Banking Advisor

Before using MediTrust, our car dealership had a few negative online reviews that were causing us to lose many potential customers. Thanks to MediTrust, we not only managed these negative reviews but also encouraged our satisfied customers to share their positive experiences. Our online reputation has significantly improved, and we now see a consistent increase in sales and customer satisfaction

Pierre, Account Manager

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know​

Navigating the world of online reviews may seem challenging, especially when your primary activity is to provide quality banking services. 

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions from banking professionals like you, to help you understand how MediTrust can transform your e-reputation.

MediTrust provides you with tools to actively monitor your reviews. In case of a negative review, we alert you immediately, giving you the chance to respond swiftly. Moreover, we offer guidance and response templates to turn these situations into positive opportunities.

MediTrust helps you efficiently collect and manage your customer reviews. By highlighting positive reviews and responding to negative ones, you demonstrate your commitment to excellent customer service, thus strengthening your online reputation.

Although reviews cannot be deleted, responding to them effectively can mitigate their impact. With MediTrust, learn the art of responding to reviews, transforming potentially damaging feedback into an opportunity for growth and improvement.

MediTrust provides you with simple and effective tools to encourage your happy customers to share their positive experiences, enhancing your online reputation and attracting new customers to your banking services.

By highlighting your positive reviews and actively helping you manage your e-reputation, MediTrust strengthens the confidence of potential customers. A large number of positive reviews can be the deciding factor for a customer choosing your bank rather than another. Attract more customers and make your bank the go-to place for an exceptional and secure banking experience!

Absolutely! With MediTrust, tailor your surveys to seamlessly align with your brand identity and specifically address your clients’ needs. Craft personalized questionnaires that resonate with your clientele, enhancing their engagement and providing you with valuable insights for continual improvement. Your brand, your voice, your customer insight – elevate it all with MediTrust.

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In today’s digital world, managing Google reviews is crucial for any Banking Agency. At MediTrust, we understand the importance of quality Banking Services and customer satisfaction. Our solution helps highlight your Banking Advisor’s expertise, enhance your Mortgage and Personal Loan offers, and strengthen trust in your Current and Savings Accounts. 

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