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  • ✅ Increased online visibility
  • ✅ Enhanced credibility and trust
  • ✅ Digital word-of-mouth
  • ✅ Transforming unhappy customers

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Why online reputation is crucial for artisans

First online impression

Before calling you, potential clients search for you online. What they find shapes their first impression.

Reviews = Modern references

In the past, word-of-mouth was king. Today, an online review holds the same weight as a personal recommendation.

One negative review can be costly

Even if you provide excellent service, a single negative review can deter numerous potential clients.

Instant trust boost

Positive reviews immediately reassure your clients, showing you’re trustworthy and skilled.

Engagement = Loyalty

Responding to reviews, good or bad, shows you care about your clients, fostering loyalty.

Insights into areas of improvement

Reviews can also help you understand what clients love or what could be enhanced in your service.

Strengthened credibility

A plethora of reviews shows you have a strong and satisfied clientele, bolstering trust for new clients.

Top Position on Google

Google loves popularity. The more reviews you have, the higher your business listing climbs in search results.

Enhanced visibility on Google Maps

With numerous reviews, your business stands out on Google Maps, attracting more local clients.

The Numbers Don't Lie, and They Love MediTrust!

99% Satisfaction

Unquestionable proof of our platform's effectiveness—99% of reviews collected by MediTrust are positive.

18 to 33% Response Rate

Our questionnaires don't go unnoticed. With a response rate of up to 33%, we capture your customers' opinions meaningfully.

100% Improvement on Google

Every single one of our clients sees an improvement in their Google rating after just one month of using our service.

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Collecting Reviews

  • 🎯 Customized Surveys: Create questionnaires that reflect your brand’s identity and target your customers’ specific needs.
  • 📈 Score-Based Actions: Based on the responses, choose the action that will yield the best outcome..
Examples :
  • 🌟 Happy Customers to Google & Facebook: Redirect your happiest customers to platforms like Google and Facebook to boost your visibility.
  • 😕 Understand Unhappy Customers: Got a dissatisfied customer? No worries, send them another questionnaire to dig deeper and understand what went wrong.
  • 😐 Thank Yous for Neutral Reviews: Guide neutral customers to a thank-you page for their participation.

Analyzing Reviews

  • 📈 We Keep an Eye on the Metrics: Track trends and know exactly where you excel and where you can do even better.
  • 🛠️ Fine-Tuning the Details: Spot the little things that can make a big difference in your service.
  • 🚨  Stay in the Loop: New review? You’ll be the first to know with our real-time alerts.
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reponse review

Responding to Reviews​

  • 🤝 Collaborative Review Management: Whether you want to handle responses yourself or let us take care of it, we’re here to help you establish the best response strategy.
  • 📝 Personalized Responses: For each review received, MediTrust offers you tailored response suggestions.
  • ⚖️ Handling Illicit Reviews: We assist you in identifying and removing fake reviews to maintain your online reputation’s integrity.

Share Your Best Reviews on Social Media

  • 🚀 Make Some Noise: Got a fantastic review? Click on it, and voila, we’ll generate a beautiful image or story to shout it from the rooftops.
  • 📸 One Click, and Presto: No need to be a design pro; we handle everything to make your reviews shine on social media.
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Testimonials from satisfied artisans

Before MediTrust, I rarely received reviews, even if my clients were satisfied. Since using MediTrust, I’ve seen a significant increase in positive feedback. It truly enhanced my online visibility!

Marc D. – Plumber​

I’ve always feared negative reviews. But with MediTrust, I learned to manage them and turn a negative experience into an opportunity. My clients appreciate my responsiveness, and it has bolstered their trust.

Gérard F. – Electrician​

I was skeptical about the importance of online reviews. After using MediTrust, I noticed an uptick in my calls and jobs. Clients often tell me they chose me because of the positive feedback online.

Mourad A. – Locksmith

FAQ for Artisans: Everything you need to know about MediTrust

Navigating the world of online reviews might seem complex, especially when your primary job is delivering quality artisanal service.

We’ve compiled the most frequent questions asked by artisans like you, to help you understand how MediTrust can transform your online reputation.

MediTrust provides you with tools to actively monitor your reviews. In case of a negative review, we alert you immediately, giving you the chance to respond swiftly. Moreover, we offer guidance and response templates to turn these situations into positive opportunities.

Of course, you can always respond on your own! Our templates are there to guide and inspire you, but we encourage a personal and authentic response that reflects your voice and brand.

MediTrust is designed to seamlessly integrate with any website. We’ll provide you with a simple code to embed (a single line of HTML to showcase your best reviews on your site), and if you need assistance, our technical team is here to help.

Absolutely! We’ve designed MediTrust to be as intuitive and straightforward as possible. Plus, we offer training to get you started and ongoing support to answer all your queries.

By highlighting your positive reviews and actively helping you manage your online reputation, MediTrust boosts potential clients’ trust. A good number of positive reviews can be the deciding factor for a client choosing your services over a competitor’s.

Exclusive Offer for Artisans, Focus on Your Business

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